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Conventional conditions

Terms and conditions

The applicant agrees with the following conditions:

1. The bigbag is send via postal services, after we received the payment.

A bigbag can also be collected at the depot when paid in cash.

2. The bigbag must be placed outside, on a place that is reachable for the crane to pick up the bigbag (max 5.m).

3. The bigbag is placed under the responsibility of the applicant.

The content of the bigbag can be inspected by the environment police at all times.

4. The applicant commits himself to treat the bigbag with due diligence. In case the bag is torn as a result of careless handling of the applicant, the applicant needs to contact C.K. & Co Transport & Recycling BVBA immediately and the bigbag cannot be picked up. Afterwards the applicant needs to pick up a bigbag at our depot, this for the fee of 15 euro excluding 21% VAT.

6. Every bigbag may only be filled with the waste selected on the website. In case there is other waste in the bigbag when the bigbag is collected, the bigbag won't be collected and the applicant has the following choices: 

  • The applicant afterwards gets the chance to remove the waste that was not requested (as specified on the website and where the applicant has agreed to) from the bigbag himself or pay extra. Nevertheless, additional transportation costs will charged. 
  • In case the applicant won't pay extra or won't remove the waste himself, the bigbag becomes property of the applicant.

7. If we ascertain while processing that there is unrequested waste in the bigbag (as speciefied on the website and where the applicant has agreed to) there will be charged a fee of at least 50 euro excluding 21% VAT depending on the type of waste and the degree of pollution. 

8. Every bigbag may only be filled with the waste selected on the website.

9. It is forbidden to fill the bigbag with one or more of the undermentioned types of waste.

  • Toxic waste as meant in the articles 29-31 of the decree of December 23, 2011 on sustainable management of material cycles and waste.
  • Chemical products.
  • Paint and solvates
  • All types of tyres.
  • Roofing.
  • Soot.
  • waste oil and liquid waste - animal carcasses - radioactive waste - containers with gas - waste with risk of explosion.
  • Problemwaste which means waste with an unknown origin or mixture.
  • Asbestos; If this is not put in the special asbestos bigbag.

10. The bigbag may not be filled above the edge and may not exceed the maximum weight of 1500kg. It has to be possible to close the bigbag with the closures provided for this purpose.

11. The waste that is next to or on top of the bigbag will not be taken along.

12. Eventual complaints must be notified to us within 2 days of receipt of the bigbag.

13. The in article 3, 5 and 6 designated fees need to be paid within 10 days following on the registred collection of the bigbag.

14. The collection of the bigbag can only be requested through the procedure mentioned on the website.

15. All disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Dendermonde.

16. All prices listed on the website are excluding 21% VAT.